Munira Lighting LED Tube lights replace traditional fluorescent tube lights. Top quality LEDs with an isolated power drive to make sure that you get the low THD and high power factor you may be looking for.

Munira Lighting came into existence to be one of the leading vendors of LED tube lights at the most competitive rates. We specialize in manufacturing top quality LED product range. The LED tube light we will offer you are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control process to ensure that the finished products are manufactured with true cultivation. Our LED lights are simple to integrate, energy effective and emphasized on bringing down the complete cost of your electricity and lighting.

We are allegiant to respond actively according to market demands, and thereby delivering top quality products. Our reliable technical support and customized service make us the very best in this business. Tube lights are one of the most convenient types of lighting solutions that you can get for your home or office. The LED tube lights are a great way to save your money and also brightening your home.

Our LED Tubes are available in all conventional sizes and wattages that replace conventional tubelights perfectly. Munira LED Tube lights are aimed at providing the perfect replacement product whilst providing a lifetime of upto 25 times* longer than conventional tube lights. A perfect way to save money and planet earth.

TL1-4 30 cm (1ft) 4W 420LM
TL2-8 60 cm (2ft) 9W 800LM
TL3-14 90 cm (3ft) 14W 1300LM
TL4-18 120 cm (4ft) 18W 1800LM
TL5-24 150 cm (5ft) 24W 2200LM
TL6-28 180 cm (6ft) 28W 2500LM


Product Description

Quite clearly, they are made to replace conventional flourescent tube lights. High quality LEDs with an isolated power driver ensures a high power factor and low THD.


LifeTime: 50000 hrs

Light Angle: 120degree

CCT: 3000k


80-265 VAC

50-60 Hz

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